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The school Principal is the instructional leader of the school.  It is his/her responsibility to ensure that the school functions properly.  The Principal is available to discuss educational matters with you at any time, but is usually not immediately available in the office since much of the school day is spent with students and teachers.  If you wish to speak with her, call the office and leave a message or make an appointment.  Your call will be returned or an appointment scheduled as soon as possible.  Remember that the teacher knows your student better than anyone else at school and therefore should be your first contact.  If you have questions, comments or concerns to discuss, it is also best to schedule an appointment to be sure of availability.


The Secretary and Clerks are responsible for the office management of our school.  They can answer any questions you have on procedures or policies, and will take messages concerning educational issues for the teaching staff and Principal.  The school office is a place of business. So all visitors, both adult and students, are asked to enter quietly, be courteous, and wait for the staff to address their needs.  There are many things going on that can prevent them form addressing you immediately.  However, you will be given assistance as soon as possible after entering.  Students are not allowed in the office during the school day unless they have a pass from the classroom teacher indicating the reason for their visit.


Our Health Assistant maintains the health office.  She is on campus to assist students with their health needs.  She arranges the required periodic vision and hearing screening.  She also maintains and monitors student health records, and distributes medications at school for those who have prescriptions on file.


The Cafeteria Manager and her staff provide nutritional breakfasts and lunches for students.  If you have questions concerning cafeteria services, please call (310) 898-6010.


Plant workers contribute to the learning environment by keeping the school clean and safe.  We have 3 custodians during the day for daily maintenance and two at night that clean and prepare rooms for use the next day.  They are valuable and highly respected members of our staff.


Under the direct supervision of the teacher, our Instructional Assistants provide individual and small group support in all curricular areas.  Instructional Assistants also provide instructional support to teachers by working with small groups in the classroom.  Noon Duty Aides provide supervision for students during lunchtime in the cafeteria and on the playground.


The teaching staff at Bunche Middle School is all highly qualified professionals.  They are here to teach and guide students in every facet of their school experience.  This requires consistent and open communication with parents.  This communication must be two-way; parents and teachers working together for and with their students.  Parents are encouraged to ask questions, be supportive, and investigate any concerns.  Teachers assign grades for academic progress and correct inappropriate behavior to maintain a safe and positive learning environment.  Specific times are set up for regular conferences with parents.  For other communications, the teacher may call you or send a note home.  If you have a question or concern, you are encouraged to call or write the school to set up a time for a conference or request a return phone call from the teacher.  Please remember that teachers have the responsibility of supervising 20 or more students during the day, are preparing for school in the morning and bringing closure activities in the afternoon.  For this reason, drop-in visits are often not productive and can be disruptive to the instructional day. Call for an appointment or return phone call so that the teacher has the time to adequately address your comments, questions, or concerns.


The Resource Specialist provides supplemental instruction to students identified with learning disabilities who require additional support.  This teacher coordinates designated instructional services to students enrolled in the Resource Specialist Program (RSP) which provides special instruction according to the Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  He/she also serves as a member of the School Study Team (SST) which screens all referrals made by the teachers. 

Our Title I Support Teacher provides services to students who have been identified through various assessments and by their classroom teacher as working below grade level standards.  The focus of the Title 1 Teacher is in the area of reading and language arts, but some math support is also provided.  Small group instruction is provided on a regular basis that focuses on specific skills and practice. 

Speech services for identified students are provided by a credentialed Speech and Language Therapist.  This individual works with students in the areas of language as well as speech articulation.  Qualified personnel assist the Speech Therapist in addressing the needs of students.  All students receiving Speech and Language services through this specialist teacher are on Individual Education Plans.


The School Psychologist is primarily responsible for identifying students with specific learning disabilities and she is also a member of the Student Study Team, and a resource to parents and teachers. 

District Technology Technicians assist teachers and students in the computer lab and provide technical support to the school for fast and effective use of technology as a learning tool.  Our Library Assistant supports students in the selection and check-out of books from our school library. 

Community Relations Specialist will help inform parents of meetings, workshops and classes.  He also helps with school functions and is the liaison between the school and the community.  The Project Clerk maintains records for categorically funded programs (Title I, SCE, LEP, AB65).

Student Support Specialist Under the supervision of the Middle/High School Principal, the Student Support Specialist assists in the support and resolution of non-academic and academic problems which interfere with students receiving the maximum benefit from the educational programs; assists in protecting the health and welfare of students; establishes an individual student learning plan to assist students relative to educational and personal-social activities; plans and administers a program of effective student discipline.  Assists parents and students with appropriate referrals to support services and resources in the community.

Categorical Specialist Under the supervision of the school principal, the categorical specialist assists in the development and implementation of the school’s Special Projects instructional programs and budgets.

TEAM 2022-2023 

  Latrece Polk   Principal
  Kimberly Thomas   Assistant Principal
  Bamidele Adefeso   8th Grade Math Teacher
  Jamie Ballard   8th Grade Science Teacher
  Olivia Bliss   7th Grade Science Teacher
  Paul Carey   7th Grade English Teacher
  Agbo_Ola Dada   8th Grade History Teacher
  Gabriela Flores Duarte   Sys Admin
  Gaby Flores   Record Clerk
  Maria G. Flores   Staff
  Andrew Likis   6th-8th Grade P.E Teacher
  Jacqueline Ramos   6-8 Grade Spanish Teacher
  Sandra Simonette   6-8th Grade Cadet Teacher
  Sonja Dixon   Attendance Clerk
  Lielani Dunne   Campus Security
  Gaby Flores   Record Clerk
  Maria G. Flores   Staff
  Calhoun Linda   Staff
  Gallardo Maricela   Staff
  Debra Molina   Staff
  Lupe Thompson   Staff
  Ernest White   Staff
  Lawrence Wiseman   Staff