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Uniform Policy


Compton Unified School District has adopted a MANDATORY DRESS CODE. Bunche Middle School’s uniforms must be worn daily. 


School uniforms are:

Khaki pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers. White polo shirt


Students are not allowed to wear sandals and shoes must have closed toes for the safety of our students.  Students are not to wear any clothing that has any type of symbols or pictures of inappropriate items (drugs, alcohol, and explicit graphics of a sexual nature).  Students are to come to school clean and neat.  If your student does come to school inappropriately dressed or personal hygiene is a problem, the parent will be asked to conference with the principal.  Parents will be called to bring the appropriate uniform and to change the students’ clothing when they are not in uniform.  Boys are not allowed to wear earrings, white T-shirts, or undershirts.     Young men must tuck their shirts completely inside their pants at all times.  More specifically, shirts must be tucked in on all sides. Girls are not allowed to wear hoop earrings of any type and all polo shirts must be buttoned up. All students are to wear black or white shoes only and their sweaters/hoodies must be green, white or black with a zipper. No hoods allowed during the school day at any time.